Reading from EMC’s Database

Use the emc_vars dictionary API

myVar = emc_vars[‘<key>’]

Where <key> can be any of these:

serverIP    server IP address
serverVersion   server version
serverName    server host name
time     current date at server (yyyy-MM-dd)
date     current time at server (HH:mm:ss z)
username    EMC user name
userDomain    EMC user domain name
auditLogEnabled   true/false if audit log is supported
scriptTimeout   max script timeout in secs
scriptOwner    scripts owner
deviceName    DNS name of selected device
deviceIP    IP address of the selected device
deviceId    device DB ID
deviceLogin    login user for the selected device
devicePwd    logon password for the selected device
deviceSoftwareVer  software image version number on the device
deviceType    device type of the selected device
deviceSysOid   device system object id
deviceVR    device virtual router name
cliPort     telnet/ssh port
isExos     true/false. Is this device an EXOS device?
family     device family name
vendor     vendor name
deviceASN    AS number of the selected device port selected ports
vrName     selected port(s) VR name ports all device ports
accessPorts    all ports which have config role access
interSwitchPorts  all ports which have config role interswitch
managementPorts   all ports which have config role management

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