Add User to EMC

From the OS add a new user. In VMWare login as root into the console and use the useradd <name> command to create the new user. Set a password with the passwd <name> command. You also need to add the user in EMC under Administration>Users and specify the group access.

Aside… to search for config files archived by EMC in the virtual appliance type…

find / -name *.cfg

Inventory Manager>Data Storage>Directory Path

Specify the base directory where data for Inventory Manager is stored. This data includes capacity reports, configuration templates, configurations, and property files.


ls -alg to see file attributes.

Changing file attributes…

chmod -R 775 or 777 .

N   Description                      ls   binary    
0   No permissions at all            ---  000
1   Only execute                     --x  001
2   Only write                       -w-  010
3   Write and execute                -wx  011
4   Only read                        r--  100
5   Read and execute                 r-x  101
6   Read and write                   rw-  110
7   Read, write, and execute         rwx  111
  • First Number 7 – Read, write, and execute for user.
  • Second Number 5 – Read and execute for group.
  • Third Number 5 – Read and execute for other.

Which group user belongs…

id -Gn [user] or groups or id user

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