Running Config Modules

VSP-8284XSQ:1(config)#show run mod ?
boot          Display boot configuration
cfm           Display cfm configuration
chef          Display chef configuration
cli           Display cli configuration
diag          Display diag configuration
dvr           Display dvr configuration
eap           Display eap configuration
energy-saver  Display energy-saver configuration
fa            Display fa configuration
fhs           Display fhs configuration
filter        Display filter configuration
ike           Display ike configuration
ip            Display ip configuration
ipsec         Display ipsec configuration
ipv6          Display ipv6 configuration
isis          Display isis configuration
i-sid         Display i-sid configuration
lacp          Display lacp configuration
license       Display license configuration
lldp          Display lldp configuration
lst           Display lst configuration
macsec        Display macsec configuration
mlt           Display mlt configuration
naap          Display naap configuration
nls           Display nls configuration
ntp           Display ntp configuration
ovsdb         Display ovsdb configuration
port          Display port configuration
qos           Display qos configuration
radius        Display radius configuration
rmon          Display rmon configuration
sflow         Display sflow configuration
security      Display security configuration
slamon        Display slamon configuration
slpp          Display slpp configuration
smtp          Display smtp configuration
spbm          Display spbm configuration
stg           Display stg configuration
sys           Display sys configuration
tacacs        Display tacacs configuration
vlan          Display vlan configuration
web           Display web configuration
vxlan         Display vxlan configuration

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