Ever wondered why certain routes do not appear in the OSPF LSDB? The GRT shows routes but you do not see them when check the LSDB. In the example topology below R1 and R2 have learnt OSPF_INTRA (preference 20) and OSPF_E2 (preference 125) routes from R3. Checking the OSPF LSDB we see the ASExternal routes but not the OSPF_INTRA routes.


R3 has several loopback / CLIP addresses to simulate external networks. CLIP 2 and CLIP 4 have IP OSPF Enabled and CLIP 3 does not have IP OSPF Enabled. OSPF redistributes direct into OSPF.

This means we have some OSPF_INTRA routes and OSPF_E2 routes advertised by R3.

On R1 or R2 type show ip ospf lsdb adv-rtr detail to see Router Link LSAs and ASExternal LSAs.






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