EXOS Fundamentals

Creating a VLAN

create [ {vlan} vlan_name ] {tag tag } {description vlan description} {vr name }


* X450e-48p.2 # create vlan test tag 100
* X450e-48p.3 # configure vlan test add port 1 tagged
* X450e-48p.4 # configure vlan test add port 2
* X450e-48p.5 # sh vlan
Name            VID  Protocol Addr       Flags                       Proto  Ports  Virtual
Active router
Default         1    ———————————————— ANY    0 /0   VR-Default
Mgmt            4095 ———————————————— ANY    1 /1   VR-Mgmt
test            100  ———————————————— ANY    0 /2   VR-Default
Flags : (B) BFD Enabled, (c) 802.1ad customer VLAN, (C) EAPS Control VLAN,
(d) Dynamically created VLAN, (D) VLAN Admin Disabled,Total number of VLAN(s) : 3
sh te* X450e-48p.6 # sh test
VLAN Interface with name test created by user
Admin State:         Enabled     Tagging:   802.1Q Tag 100
Description:         None
Virtual router:      VR-Default
IPv4 Forwarding:     Disabled
IPv4 MC Forwarding:  Disabled
IPv6 Forwarding:     Disabled
IPv6 MC Forwarding:  Disabled
IPv6:                None
STPD:                None
Protocol:            Match all unfiltered protocols
Loopback:            Disabled
NetLogin:            Disabled
OpenFlow:            Disabled
QosProfile:          None configured
Egress Rate Limit Designated Port: None configured
Flood Rate Limit QosProfile:       None configured
Ports:   2.           (Number of active ports=0)
Untag:       2
Tag:         1
Flags:    (*) Active, (!) Disabled, (g) Load Sharing port
(b) Port blocked on the vlan, (m) Mac-Based port
(a) Egress traffic allowed for NetLogin
(u) Egress traffic unallowed for NetLogin
(t) Translate VLAN tag for Private-VLAN
(s) Private-VLAN System Port, (L) Loopback port
(e) Private-VLAN End Point Port
(x) VMAN Tag Translated port
(G) Multi-switch LAG Group port
(H) Dynamically added by MVRP
(U) Dynamically added uplink port
(V) Dynamically added by VM Tracking


Removing port from a VLAN

  • configure vlan <vlan_name> delete ports <port_list>
  • configure vlan <vlan_id> delete ports <port_list>

How to delete a VLAN

configure vlan <vlan_name> delete ports all
delete vlan <vlan_name>

Show VLAN information

  • show port vlan
  • show vlan
  • show vlan <vlan_name>
  • show fdb

Add IP address to a VLAN

configure vlan <vlan_name> ipaddress <ip_address>/<subnet_mask

Remove IP address from a VLAN

unconfigure vlan <vlan_name> ipaddress


Creating Dynamic VLANs

To specify one or more ports as tagged uplink ports that are added to the dynamically created VLAN, use the following command:

configure netlogin dynamic-vlan uplink-ports [port_list | none]

To enable the switch to create dynamic VLANs, use the following command:

configure netlogin dynamic-vlan [disable | enable]


Extreme Networks VSAs


RADIUS Attributes


Tested authentication using Extreme Networks Access Control with RFC3580 which sends the VLAN ID to the Summit switch.

Inter-VLAN routing


VLANs and tagged or untagged ports


Adding DHCP Server to VLAN


Troubleshooting DHCP


How to apply IP to management interface


Switch hardening



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