Ansible and Templates

Building configuration files from a template…


prompt {{ item.value.hostname }}
boot config flags tftpd
{% if item.value.sflow_enable %}
sflow agent-ip
sflow enable
{% endif %}

– name: Template Looping
hosts: localhostvars:
voss_devices: {
“vsp1”: {
“hostname”: “vsp1”,
“sflow_enable”: True
“vsp2”: {
“hostname”: “vsp2”,
“sflow_enable”: False
– name: create switch config file
dest=/cygdrive/c/cygwin64/bin/{{ item.key }}.config
with_dict: “{{ voss_devices }}”

-bash-4.4$ cat vsp1.config
prompt vsp1
boot config flags tftpd
sflow agent-ip
sflow enable
-bash-4.4$ cat vsp2.config
prompt vsp2
boot config flags tftpd

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