Remove and Reinstall Cygwin

Maybe time has come to remove Cygwin to free up space or to start over. Cygwin does not support an uninstall program but can be done manually.

  1. Open command prompt with administrator privilages
  2. Type takeown /r /d y /f cygwin64
  3. Type lcacls cygwin64 /t /grant everyone:f
  4. Type rmdir /s /q cygwi64
  5. Regedit and delete HKEY_CURRENT_USER_Software_Cygwin
  6. Regedit and delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE_Software_Cygwin
  7. Delete shortcut on desktop
  8. Restart

Download latest setup-x86_64 and run it. Do not install everything! Only start by installing ‘gcc-core’, ‘make’, ‘openssl’ ‘openssh’, ‘vim’ and ‘python3.8’. Also, include the ‘python3.8-crypto’ file which will save you a lot of pain when adding packages with pip3 which rely on cryptography package. It is quite easy to go down a rat hole when a dependency fails and you get disheartened when a lot of red messages appear on screen. There are times you need to use the Cygwin setup program to install specific packages.

Open Cygwin terminal and type python should start python 3.8 shell.

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