EXOS Editor

On the CLI use command EDIT to view or change a policy or script file. For example, type edit script newvlan.xsf with a line in it that adds a new VLAN (create vlan yellow). Then use the command run script newvlan.xsf will apply the command and create the VLAN.

Type Ctrl & D and then “:” will allow you to quit without saving (:q!) or save the modified file (:wq!). 

Also, it is possible to save the running config to a script for ease of replaying maybe with a slight alteration using save configuration as-script config.xsf (and view using the EDIT command). 

Obviously, use show configuration should be used to view the running configuration. It is possible to compare differences between configuration files by adding the difference parameter and the names of the two configuration files to compare. And to show the factory defaults as well as the new configuration using the detail option.


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