Search for highlighted text in Word

Search a document for highlighted text (any colour) using Find with Advanced option, leave “Find what:” blank and select Highlight in Format list.

So, if you have a config.cfg from an old VOSS switch which you want to re-use on a new switch you can highlight the lines that you need to change and search for them using this method later when you are ready to update it.

The final updated file can be copied to VOSS switches and then loaded using the source command.

If you use source config.cfg debug stop syntax, it will display commands (line-by-line) and if any have invalid syntax, it will stop and the last one will only parse and test but not apply. If you remove “syntax” it will attempt to apply all commands.

Or copy the file and boot with it with the no boot config flags verify-config set. It will keep reading the file even if it hits something it does not like.

Since VOSS release 8.2 a new feature was added for management. The clip or VLAN IP used for management will need to be converted to SMI. Insert the line migrate-to-mgmt under either the “interface loopback x” or “interface vlan x” lines in the config you are using.

Compare original config with running-config and amend where needed.

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