Extreme Cloud IQ APs and XIQ-SE Control

Found a useful document which outlines the configuration steps needed to integrate Cloud based APs with external RADIUS server which uses Access-Control.


There is a workflow for Importing XIQ APs available on Extreme Networks github site which can be used to do a bulk import of cloud based APs. Import workflow called Process_New_XIQ_Devices-

The workflow needs updating with the API token for accessing your cloud IQ instance. This involves signing up on the developer website and creating an application profile with a client-ID, client secret and redirect URI (XIQ-SE URL). The client-ID can be used in Cloud IQ to create an API token. This information is required to update the script in the first task in the workflow.

The first task will authenticate using the token and login to Cloud IQ instance of your choosing and extract a list of devices.

Ensure the subsequent scripts recognize the AP model you are using and if necessary add another IF statement to the script that matches the AP model. Also, ensure there is an SNMP profile that allows access to the Cloud AP.

The final task will need updating with the Primary RADIUS Server IP address of the Access Control Engine.

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