XIQ-SE unable to discover VSP with SNMPv3

If XIQ-SE is unable to discover a VOSS switch with SNMPv3 it is most likely caused by a mismatch in SNMP credentials. This could be to do with authpriv settings using incorrect authentication or privacy mode or the passwords don’t match.

There is another, not very obvious cause where the two double quotes are pasted as “bb” when adding a new group.

snmp-server group HOMELAB “” auth-priv read-view ALL write-view ALL notify-view ALL

The “” signify that the group belongs in the GRT VRF 0.

The show snmp-server group command will show “bb” under the Prefix column when it should be blank.

The solution here is to remove the group and user and manually type the commands in on the CLI instead of pasting and you will find the show snmp-server group output now excludes “bb” characters and XIQ-SE can discover the switch.

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