Extreme Networks Global AP Country Code

When onboarding an AP 4000 into XIQ there was an error in discovering the country code or assigning the country code. The country code showed World SKU (998) instead of United Kingdom (826).

Data Sheet:

The AP4000 is the industry’s first Enterprise Universal and World SKU Wi-Fi 6E Wireless Access point. This innovation simplifies the sales ordering process and reinforces Extreme’s commitment to the journey to the “Infinite Enterprise”. The World SKU allows customers, partners, and distributors to order one model for any region, replacing the age-old problem of country specific SKUs. ExtremeCloud(tm) IQ geo-locates the Access Point and accurately provides it the corresponding set of channel and power specifications that the product can operate under in that country.

XIQ will discover the country code based on the public IP address so this should happen automatically. Where the CAPWAP traffic originates from I presume.

Anyway, to the solution. The Network Policy I had was configured with the four predefined NTP servers. The customer Firewall was not allowing these and they allow different addresses. Updated the NTP addresses under Additional Settings, pushed the config change to the AP and did a Discover Country Code action. Shortly afterwards the AP showed the correct county code in XIQ.

NTP is important for certificates and clocking so if the date and time is not correct and NTP servers are unreachable then this seemed to affect the ability to assign the correct country code to the Global AP. A Show Tech revealed the issue more clearly.

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