Searching config files

Add multiple show running config files into a folder and use Grep to pick out specific areas of interest that are hits in those files.

Results will include the files name where there is a match.

Useful Grep options:

grep -A 2 “interface loop” *
grep “ip-source-address” *
grep “ip route pref” *

-A After (2 lines)
-B Before
-i Case insensitive
-c Count
-r Recursive
-v Invert
-l Display filenames that match

* Wildcard for all files in current directory.



Customer’s experiencing error when creating 9th VRRP instance.

Error: maximum number of VRRP entries exceeded

Release notes for version 6.2 explains that it is possible to create more than eight VRRP instances but have to re-use the first eight VRRP IDs chosen previously.

“Because there is a hardware limitation of using only eight MAC addresses for VRRP, the number of VRIDs is also limited to eight. You can use any eight values for VRIDs between 1 and 255. However, once you choose the eight VRID values, you must reuse the same eight values across all VLANs on the device.”

Creating new SSL Certificate on ERS

If have problem connecting to EDM with ERS switch after upgrade of the agent code or to browser then try recreating the SSL certificate:

ssl certificate

ssl reset

show ssl


Note: Tested with Firefox 65 (64 bit) and Internet Explorer 11 against ERS with HTTPS. Uses SHA-256 with RSA encryption. Chrome version 72 (64 bit) fails with ‘bad format’ error and may need to use an older release (ERR_SSL_SERVER_CERT_BAD_FORMAT).