Copy all text from XMC device terminal

XMC can connect direct to a device using the CLI Credentials but the web terminal is not easy to use if you want to select text from the terminal.

Until now. I found a way to select all the text from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Open a terminal to a switch and capture the show running config output. This can be done manually but is a real pain to have to scroll down the screen.

Instead, click the mouse at the top of the text, press Ctrl + Shift and select a few lines. Whilst still holding down Ctrl + Shift use the scroll bar and go right to the bottom and click at the bottom of the screen and then click “c”. The text will now be available in the clipboard and can be pasted elsewhere.

Adding new username to XMC

Check existing usernames on the Linux server before and after.

cat /etc/passwd | awk -F: ‘{print $1}’

Add a new username:

useradd -m <newadmin>

passwd <newadmin>

Enter password twice.

Add same username in XMC under Administration>Users and associate with NetSight Administration group. 

Logout of XMC and test login with new username.