Extreme Networks 5320 OS Change to VOSS

Had to convert some new Universal 5320 switches this week and came across a real time stealer.

The Universal hardware will boot with EXOS by default. During initial start up press space bar on the Boot Menu and scroll down to select Change the switch OS to VOSS and click Enter.

The version of VOSS software will be a pre-GA version and needs to be upgraded.

Problem I came across was as I attempted to add the software the switch would suddenly reboot and keep doing so every time I tried.

It felt like some kind of memory leak or watch dog timer failed and the switch died.

There are two ways I found to workaround this issue.

1) Factory default the switch before attempting the upgrade. This will start the switch in pre 8.2 configuration mode without the clever ZTP+ automation features such as searching for a nick-name server and mgmt DHCP client enabled. I figured this would prevent the CPU from going over 95% utilization which appeared to be related and this worked most of the time.

2) If step 1 fails, it is possible to use the VOSS: Rescue option on boot up. Insert a USB drive and specify the filename of the VOSS software ie 5320.

The pre 8.2 default configuration will have ISIS and SPBM disabled.