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Initial VMWare configuration of EMC

After the VM has been installed login with the username of root and a password of password in the VM console screen.

Issue the commands dnetconfig in order to configure EMC setup information.

Enter the hostname for the appliance [ExtremeManagement]:

Enter the IP address for ExtremeManagement:

Enter the IP netmask []:

Enter the gateway address:

Enter the IP address of the name server (Optional):

Enter the IP address of an alternate name server (Optional):

Enter the domain name for ExtremeManagement (Required):

Do you want to use NIS (y/n) [n]?

Issue the command dateconfig to configure an NTP server for use with ExtremeManagement.

Do you want to use NTP (y/n) [n]? y

Please enter an NTP Server IP Address (Required):

Would you like to add another server (y/n) [n]?

Restart the server with the command reboot.

Connect to the Extreme Management Center web client with http port 8080 or https port 8443.

Enter command passwd if you wish to change the root password at any time.


Extreme’s Network Management Software is called Extreme Management Center (formerly called NetSight). This application can discover network devices using pre-built device profiles for Extreme switches (including the Avaya BOSS and VOSS software based switches).

Discover your network and sites for wired or wireless devices. Perform firmware upgrades and backup configuration files. Compare archived configuration changes for a particular device to see what has changed. Manage switch configuration changes and port changes using scripts.

Acts as a trap receiver and syslog receiver and shows alarms and events.